December 20, 2016


* Month/Year Journal * Article Title & Authors

Energy Research & Social Science

Volume 37.
Pages 102-110.

Curiosity, economic and environmental reasoning: Public perceptions of liberalization and renewable energy transition in Japan

Chapman, A. Itaoka, K.


Energy for Sustainable Development

Volume 42.

Pages 136-151


Social equity impacts in Japan’s mega-solar siting process

Fraser, T. Chapman, A.


Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews

Volume 81(2).
Pages 2019-2027.

Energy transition to a future low-carbon energy society in Japan’s liberalizing electricity market: Precedents, policies and factors of successful transition

Chapman, A. Itaoka, K.


Journal of Cleaner Production.

Volume 172.
Pages 1014-1024.

Strategic and user-driven transition scenarios: Toward a low carbon society, encompassing the issues of sustainability and societal equity in Japan

Chapman, A. Pambudi, N.


International Journal of Energy Research

Volume 41(14).
Pages 2374-2391.

Hydrogen import pathway comparison framework incorporating cost and social preference: Case studies from Australia to Japan

Chapman, A. Fraser, T, Itaoka, K.




Social Sciences

Volume 6.
Article 4.

Feed-in Tariff Pricing and Social Burden in Japan: Evaluating International Learning through a Policy Transfer Approach

Tanaka, Y. Chapman, A. Sakurai, S. Tezuka, T.


Energy Research & Social Science.

Volume 21.
Pages 54-69.

Proposing an evaluation framework for energy policy making incorporating equity: Applications in Australia.

Chapman, A. McLellan, B. Tezuka, T.


Journal of Cleaner Production.

Volume 128.
Pages 77-96.

Geography, urbanization and lock-in – considerations for sustainable transitions to decentralized energy systems

McLellan, B. Chapman, A. Aoki, K.


Administrative Sciences.

Volume 6.
Article 3.

Strengthening the Energy Policy Making Process and Sustainability Outcomes in the OECD through Policy Design

Chapman, A. McLellan, B. Tezuka, T.

2/2016 Renewable Energy.

Volume 86.
Page 1265-1279.

Residential solar PV policy: An analysis of impacts, successes and failures in the Australian case.

Chapman, A. McLellan, B. Tezuka, T.